Financial Planning

A Financial Plan that's Straightforward, Effective and Tailored Just for You

We take your financial future very seriously. That's why we create a custom financial plan for every client and revise the plan at least annually. While retirement is a common planning goal, we will incorporate any goal that you want into your plan: college for your children or grandchildren, lifetime income, the purchase of a vacation home, trips of a lifetime, achieving other financial goals you may have.

We will also create as many planning scenarios as you would like; what if you retire earlier, retire later, buy a bigger vacation home, downsize your current home, spend more, spend less?

Creating the plan is only part of the process; we also take as much time as needed to explore and interpret your plan with you, so that you can have a comfortable and thorough understanding of exactly what your plan means for you.

The last part of the process is implementing and monitoring the plan. This can include determining the best investment allocation or allocations to achieve your goals, appropriate withdrawal rates, inflation adjustments, tax & estate considerations and cash flow analyses. Monitoring the plan and simply making small adjustments in the short term can help to avoid financial crises in the long term.

Our job is to help you enjoy the security and prosperity resulting from your hard work. A well-constructed custom plan can help safeguard your financial well-being. Our goal is to give you peace-of-mind via a fee-only approach, in which we endeavor to provide unbiased advice while reducing conflicts of interest.

We provide fee-only financial advisory services in an asset-based arrangement.

Based on our minimum fee, our services are generally most cost effective when managing more than $650,000. If you would like to take the next step and explore our services further, we will be happy to schedule a brief introductory phone conversation or Zoom meeting.